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2 years ago

Master Mechanic
My apologies to everyone who has tried to call us or visit our shop over the last couple of weeks. I am deeply saddened to share the news that Shop Manager, Leonard Lemelson, passed away in September.With all the loss I've experienced over the last 2 years, I have decided that it is just not possible to continue operating Master Mechanic.It is my pleasure however, to announce that Driven Autorepair will be moving into our location on Sullyfield Circle. Like Master Mechanic, Driven Autorepair is a family owned and operated small business. Having met with the owner, Franz Vargas many times, I'm confident in recommending his company to Master Mechanic's clients. I feel that Franz's care and concern for his clients and their vehicles fits well with the needs and concerns of our clients.Franz will also have access to the repair history of your vehicles, so you can feel confident that he will continue to service all your vehicles efficiently.Additionally, Driven Autorepair has agreed to honor all outstanding Autocare Club Cards. His staff will have the file of cards which were kept at our shop. You can bring in your unexpired card, or mention that there is one on file, when you drop your vehicle off for service.It will take a little while for Driven Autorepair to begin servicing vehicles at our location, but in the meantime they will be happy to schedule your vehicle into their current shop location at 4074 Walney Rd. Chantilly, VA 20151. You can reach them using the same phone number you've always called: 703-449-9000 or their number: 703-953-3233.Thank you all for your years of loyalty and friendship.In continued friendship,Barbara Ballard ... See MoreSee Less
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3 years ago

Master Mechanic
Brakes for Breasts only happens in October. Make your appointment now. Help us support Brakes for Breasts and help to create a world free of breast cancer. Call us: 703-449-9000 ... See MoreSee Less
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Green Automotive Service

Helping Our Community and Our Environment

Let’s face it, automotive service is not exactly a low impact business. Nor does the auto service industry have a stellar history of being friendly to the environment. Unfortunately, the automotive business in general has a rather poor track record for environmental stewardship.

At Master Mechanic, we’re different, we think about what we do, and more importantly, we dispose of or recycle our waste stream responsibly.

We are no stranger to recycling. When we leased the former Tyson’s Meat Locker Plant facility way back in 1991, it had sat idle for quite a while. In short order, our team did the ultimate recycle and refurbished the former slaughterhouse and meat locker into a high tech center for automotive service and repair.

Why reinvent the wheel? Why not reuse an existing structure for the benefit of the community?

Green Initiatives. Every year we set out to do 2 or 3 distinct things that will make the business better for our staff, our community and our environment. After all, we live here too. It starts with the little things, and little things add up quickly.

Adopt a Highway. For many years now we have performed road and area clean up through the Virginia “Adopt A Highway” program. We take care of Willard Road in Chantilly, VA, between Walney Road and Stonecroft Blvd. where we have collected many hundreds of bags of trash, old tires, boxes, bottles and some things you wouldn’t even want to mention.

How We Handle Automotive Service Waste Products:

  • A/C Refrigerant (R134 & R12) – Captured and Recycled.
  • Antifreeze – Recycled.
  • Batteries – Recycled and exchanged
  • Brake Fluid – Recycled with waste oil.
  • (For reasons of safety, we use only new brake fluid for service.)
  • Engine Oil – Recycled into heating oil and other oil products.
  • (But we don’t use recycled oil in our customer cars, nor do we recommend you use it, instead we only use new factory approved oil products.)
  • Part Cleaning Solvent – We contract with Safety Clean to properly recycle this fluid.
  • Parts – Whenever possible, we send back replaced auto parts to the parts vendor so that they can be re-manufactured into new parts. We recycle all other replaced parts through a scrap metal or scrap electronics facility.
  • Tires – Recycled into other rubber products, even road bedding!
  • Transmission Fluid – Recycled into heating oil and other oil products.
  • Waste Water – Oil/water separator catches any waste products before they enter the groundwater system. Do you remember seeing the odd looking steel plate on our restroom floor? There it is!

Green Technologies Used At Master Mechanic:

Set Back Thermostats and Reasonable Temperature Settings
We’ve installed thermostats that automatically adjust the temperature of both the Service Write Up area and the Shop when we are closed. It uses a bunch of energy to heat and cool all our space and this way we are not wasting energy. When we are in the building, we’ve also adjusted the temperature settings so as to not waste energy. If you are ever too hot or too cold what in our facility, just let us know and we’ll make the proper adjustment.

Low Energy Workshop Lighting
In 2008 we installed energy efficient lighting into our workshop, not only do the technicians see better, we all feel better knowing we’re doing our part to lower our energy use. You might not think that a simple thing like changing a light bulb can save much energy, but when you have nearly 24 high output fixtures, changing some 36 bulbs can make a big difference. The new lighting system is scheduled to cut our electrical usage for lighting nearly in half.

Front Sign – High Efficiency Fixture
Our front “Master Mechanic” sign, installed many years ago, now uses the most efficient electronic ballasts and bulbs that will operate in an outdoor environment. This will lower both energy use and eliminate the frequent disposal headaches of mercury containing florescent tubes. As an added bonus, the new electronics in the lighting cuts our energy usage by a factor of 2, while lasting 2-3 times longer than the old style florescent fixtures. Plus, we constantly adjust the time that the sign is lit to further reduce energy usage. Sorry if you drop your vehicle off for service at 2am and have a hard time finding us because our sign is off!

Water Conservation
Our landlord provides water to us at no additional charge (nice people), but that doesn’t mean we waste water. Just in the last couple of years, we have installed flow control and backwash preventers on all our hose bibs and water fixtures in the shop area. Additionally, we just remodeled our restroom facility to include the most efficient, low water use toilet and faucet available.

You’ve Got Ideas, We’re Listening
Some of the best practices in our business started with a suggestion by a customer, and we’d like to hear yours!

We’re always learning, so if you have an idea or suggestion of how we can further improve our programs, be all means we’d like to hear from you. Call, email or just stop in and let us know how we can help!